We’re Having A Girl!!!

Just got back from my 19 week ultrasound, and we are having a girl!!  We are so excited, this is what we were hoping for!!  Yay!!!

The 3D pictures didn’t come out really great, because she kept burying herself against other stuff in the womb, but you can make out the lips pretty clearly, nose, and eyes!  The other 3D picture is the arms :)  Her heartbeat was nice and strong at 152 beats per minute!

We can’t wait to meet her for real, sometime around Thanksgiving! 🙂

About Tammy Buehler

Scott's wife and mom to 2 beautiful children, with a third on the way :)
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  • AUNT PEGGY says:

    Great to hear, Congratulations, Take care of yourself. Much love, Aunt
    > Peggy

  • Congrats to the both of you!!!