Dear Family – I’m Healthy!

Hey guys n gals!

I’m not totally sure why but I have a hard time blogging these days! It’s so much easier on facebook with my quick status updates. Are you friends with me? Make sure you are, I update there all of the time!
Just remember to block farmville if you don’t play that game, I have a lot of those posts on my wall. I’m addicted to that damn game!

Anyway, what I wanted to post today is all about my health. It’s been the focus of ALL of my attention (other than maybe farmville on facebook, LOL) for the last 5 months now. When I meet up with people I haven’t seen in a while, it’s nice to see them do a double take! Seeing Gary recently has only inspired me to keep going, their entire family had nothing but kind words to say. Gary was most impressed at how well I’ve done. Of course, meeting the family in Mesquite for Aunt Peggy’s birthday was even more motivation to keep going strong.

In September I saw an infomercial for Beachbody’s P90X system. It’s the first infomercial that I felt wasn’t a scam. The people on there have busted their asses and worked hard and got great results. It triggered me to go downstairs to the office and search more, and more, and more! I looked at people on youtube and ordinary people were RAVING about the system.

At the time, I wanted to start doing something after seeing a picture Tammy took of me at the river last year in a life vest. I looked like a damned booey! I was disgusted. I wanted to change but wasn’t quite sure how, I’ve tried many diets that have all failed. After doing all of the research, I knew P90X was my answer. Hard work, no miracle pills, no fads, just hard work, exercise and a complete overhaul of my diet.

The downfall, I was 278 pounds, around 80 pounds overweight, and was in no shape to pass their “fit test” for P90X. I found out they released a system about ten years back called “Power 90” and many people recommended it to start with. So, I went for it and brought Tammy along for the ride. We’ve been our own  motivation the entire time. Some days I felt like skipping out and she got me up and going and other days, the opposite. A great support system!

Here’s some basic stats for everyone:

Every 30 days Tammy and I took pictures to see our own progress.
09/19/2009 – 278 pounds – Start of Beachbody’s Power 90 program (2 pounds from morbid obesity)
10/14/2009 – 266 pounds – 30 Days of Power 90 Completed
11/16/2009 – 252 pounds – 60 Days of Power 90 Completed
12/17/2009 – 243 pounds – 90 Days of Power 90 Completed – We graduated Power 90!
(We added a few days of workouts here and took an entire week off for Christmas)
12/28/2009 – Start of Beachbody’s P90X system as seen on TV infomercials
01/10/2010 – 239 pounds – No longer obese by BMI (no pics)
01/26/2010 – 234 pounds – 30 Days of P90X completed
02/17/2010 – 228 pounds – 51 Days  of P90X completed (no pics)


I had to share this occasion with the world. My goal is still to get below 200 with muscle. Then I’ll go and get my loose-fitting wedding ring adjusted. Under 200 pounds is my “normal weight” by BMI standard that doesn’t consider athletic build in its formula. I *still* want to get below 200 just to say I’m 190 something. Oh yes!! Heck, I’m only 28 pounds away!

Of course, the bad part, I’ve been so focused on my health and well being that I’ve put my business on the back burner. The downside of course, we’re broke but happy. LOL. I need to start working after my birthday tomorrow. Hopefully I can get back into working mode. Maybe we can get back out of debt and pay off our huge dental bills too.

Either way, I finish by saying this: Losing 50 pounds 2 days before my birthday is the best birthday present I could ever ask for. Thanks for reading!

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  • AUNT PEGGY says:


  • Uncle Chuck says:

    Keep it up Scott. You have lost a huge amount of weight. Nice accomplishment.

  • Kris says:

    That is awsome Scott! Happy belated B-Day! I hope you and Tammy and kids are doing well. I pop in here every once in a while to see how you guys are doing. Take care and hope to see you soon. Miss all of you.