Shock and Horror

As Alysa has reached 9 months, able to stand on her knees and guide walk along furniture, Tammy and I decided, our workout break is done and over, permanently.

As required to track progress, Tammy and I decided to weigh ourselves for the first time since Tammy was six months pregnant.

The shock and horror? I weighed an obscene 290.2 pounds on August 27th. I was iffy on starting P90X again, but once I saw that number, it was game on. Tammy and I decided to do the P90X Lean program to get this fat off our bodies. The lean program has a lot more cardio and sweating than the regular program, which is exactly what I need.

Anyway, I’ve already posted this on Facebook and Twitter, and as ashamed as I am, admitting my overweight problem and overcoming the issue is how I best conquer the issue.

As of today, we’re on day 2 of our first P90X Lean session, my entire body is sore. In fact, when I woke up today, I asked Tammy if I had been in a car accident! Nothing wants to move. This made the Cardio X DVD extremely hard today, but we got through it at about 2/3 pace they show on the disk.

Someone on Facebook told me about this great iPhone/iPad app that allows you to easily track calories today to keep yourself on your way to fitness. The app is called “LoseIt” and is in the app store for my favorite cost of $FREE. It synchronizes with their website at

My goal is set. I will lose 100 pounds by June, 2012, 9 months away. This will allow us to run 2 90-day P90X sessions and a final P90X2 session. P90X2 is not out yet, but is coming soon.

Anyway, wish us determination. We’ll need it.

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