My Diet Before Discovering the Alkaline Diet

by Scott

My diet was approximately 95%+ acidic before discovering all of this information. I rarely ate vegetables, fruits, nuts, and others. I also thought diet soda was a great alternative to regular 46g sugar coke. Diet coke is WORSE for you that regular soda.

Some of my regular foods were the worst for your body

  • Fast foods
  • Sodas (Diet and Regular)
  • Chocolate
  • Chips, Cookies, and other junk food.
  • Pastas
  • Beer

The list goes on and on. No wonder I felt like crap all of the time.

My new diet includes:
Lots of salad. When we go to Wendy’s, Carls Jr, Costco, or other places, most serve salads now. I will always opt for the salad with a little something such as a 5 piece chicken nugget, or a bite of frys from the kids, etc.

My drinking water usually includes a pinch of baking soda. This will neutralize the acidity of filtered tap water to 7.0pH. You don’t need much baking soda for water, just a tiny bit. If you taste the baking soda in the water, you’ve added too much.

No soda. No beer. No chocolate.

Of course, I am still drinking ACV + baking soda twice a day. I drink it once in the morning an hour or so before breakfast and I also drink it an hour before dinner.

Now that I have a lot of energy, I have been working out a lot more. Usually to burn the excess energy I have. A good workout is good just before bed so I can sleep.

Being on the alkaline diet has given me the energy I used to get from drinking 3 cups of coffee, or 3 sodas in the afternoon. It is really amazing how great I feel!

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