One Week Later – A Weight Loss Update

This week was a very awesome week for weight loss.

09/03/07 – Weighed 264.2
09/10/07 – Weigh 262.0
Total weight loss: 2.2 pounds in one week.

I estimate I started this diet on August 13th. Sorry, I didn’t write the first day on the calendar so I am using this blog as a reference for this estimation.

August 13th, 2007: 275 Pounds
September 10th, 2007: 262.0 Pounds
One month weight loss: 13 Pounds!

Based on my weight loss during the second half of the month, my goal is to lose 6-8 pounds next month. Hopefully more, but this is my realistic goal.

What’s really cool, I was able to eat 2 huge slices of fatty (cheese) vegetarian pizza for dinner. It was my one of two “bad meals” for the entire week. Not bad considering I had at least two bad meals a day before this diet. 😉

As the weight goes, the energy and ambition continues. Now, at the kids’ soccer games, I find myself jogging during halftime, running/kicking with the ball, and just feeling the need to burn some energy. I never had any of that three weeks ago.

My workouts at home have intensified. I do 60 “stair pushups” a day, 100+ crunches with my legs elevated with my thighs at a 90 degree angle to the ground (thanks Tammy for the tip, these burn!), and I even went out with Tammy walking/jogging around the neighborhood. As far as muscle building, I do 20 25+ pound curls, 3 times a day, every other day, using the TotalGym as a well as a few other exercises.

For walking, I noticed Tammy can walk faster than me for some reason so I have to do small jogs periodically to stay ahead/keep up with her. Heh. As long as my heart rate keeps up though, I don’t mind.

My diet usually includes one two-scoop whey protein shake for breakfast + lunch then a healthy dinner. Tammy has found some awesome recipes online and great cooking tips to easily remove fat from a meal without sacrificing too much on taste. We have loved some of the meals she has prepared, although, we have noticed it takes her a lot longer to cook at night. It is all part of the “lifestyle change” that she talks about in her blog post yesterday.

Well that’s it for this week. I look forward to next week. I am hoping to hit 259 sometime within 9 days. I’ll be sure to post about it, I know I’ll feel compelled. Thanks for reading!

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