The Diet Continues – Week 5 Completed – Results

This week was a little rough for me on this diet.

The weight was a constant struggle as I bounced from 264 to 261 throughout the week. I figured by today, I would probably announce that I didn’t lose any weight.

Then yesterday came along and I saw the weight coming off. Between yesterday and today, my body decided to give up the struggle and shed some more weight.

The stats:
September 10th: 262.0
Today, September 17th: 260.4
Weight loss: 1.6 Pounds
Total Loss: 14.6 Pounds

Although this is the first time I’ve seen 260, I desperately want to see 25*.** on the scale. Even 259.9. Haha. I couldn’t tell you the last time I’ve seen 25*, it has been at least 8 years. Hopefully next week, I will see that for the first time. I can’t wait!

By the way, I tried on a size 40 shorts last night, and I was shocked to see they already fit. I am able to zip and button them but they still are tight. I’ve been a size 42 for many many years and a size 40 could barely clear my waist unbuttoned. I don’t know what my goal size is for clothes, all I know is I want to be between 220 and 230 pounds by next summer. That’s 30-40 pounds to lose in 9 months or 39 weeks. It will be extremely hard to lose a pound a week as my goal weight nears. Oh yeah, lets not forget the two hardest-to-diet seasons are coming, involves a turkey and a pig… yikes! 🙂

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