Scott’s Diet – Third Day of Week 8

Hi all,

I am having a hard time keeping up with the journal due to severe workload.

Week 6 I lost enough to show 259 on the scale. Week 7, I took the week off on working out to let my muscles fully recover. Starting last Monday, which was the beginning of week 8, I’ve been working out once again. The good thing, even taking the week off, I didn’t gain anything back. To me, it means I will probably maintain my weight loss in the future (removing sugar does that).

Weight on September 17th: 260.4
Yesterday, October 3rd: 258.0
Weight loss: 2.4 Pounds
Total Loss: 17.0 Pounds

This is good news to me because I am losing the amount of weight they recommend as safe. Around 1 pound a week.

We’re still doing healthy food but we have also introduced some red meat into our diet. Yesterday, we had steak. That was good! 

Now the hard part, Cedar City snowy winter is coming. With snow, outdoor exercise will be limited. As we all know, winter brings cold, cold brings increased hunger to fight the cold, etc. This is where things will be more of a struggle I think, but we’ll see. Nothing can stop me from pumping iron and doing crunches, etc. That’s all indoors! 🙂

Well, back to work. Thanks for keeping up with my diet!

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