Yes! The winter cold is here!! Large update

We’ve been enjoying the summer so much….too much in fact. Now that winter is here, Tammy and I are both back in gear for business work. We’re quickly developing new websites and redesigning old ones.

Sorry for the lack of blog posts recently, I’ve been busy!

After a long discussion about buehlerfam.com between us, we decided to completely rewrite it and narrow our focus. After deciding this, Tammy jumped on board and began the long process of learning DreamWeaver and redesigning Buehlerfam Creations, Inc.

Our primary focus with this new site is obviously wedding scrolls. Since this has always been our biggest seller on the site, we decided to make themed pages to focus on search engine placements.

After Tammy completed her first redesign, I went through and fixed the javascript and other functions as necessary (only took a couple hours). Now it is live! Check it out!

Other than that, I’ve been designing new websites in a completely new affiliate marketing field. It has been a struggle for a while to get this rolling. Now it is almost here and should be ready within a week!

The family has been doing great, however, the business side of things has gone slow on us. Since we are fighters, I’m sure we will pull through it with our new sites going live. Things are already looking much better for November and by January, we’ll probably be wondering what we were worried about. We go through this every year during slow periods. 🙂

We are glad to hear Tommy is doing better. He is able to hop around and get to where he needs to be without the walker. He also had a cast replaced on his right arm and his staples removed from his leg. The doctors say he is progressing nicely. Mom, if you will, please post all of the details in the comments section.

We had a great Halloween as well. We were quite surprised with the results from pre-Halloween celebrations and trick-or-treat night here in Cedar. Brittany’s school has an all-invited function that is more geared towards the smaller kids. Small kids games, prizes, and lots of candy. We loved this because we always found that the Silver Lakes events at the Miracle Center was more geared towards the older middle-school aged kids with exception to the kiddie rides out back they usually have there.

Our neighbor at the top of the cul-de-sac actually puts on a Christian-church sponsored event there. Lots of games, free cotton candy, and treats for the kids. Our little cul-de-sac was full of kids everywhere! We all had fun! Next year I know to decorate my house full of Halloween lights since so many will see it. We will have to arrange for Mom or Pete to come over and pass out candy here while we are out trick-or-treating. I felt bad that we couldn’t pass out candy since we were with our own kids going door to door.

One last thing I wanted to mention, we had the worlds tallest living horse here at Cal Ranch (western store). The horse’s name is Radar and he is over 19 hands tall (6′ 7 1/2″ feet tall at the withers), 2400 lbs., eats 18 lbs. of grain, 40 lbs. of hay, and drinks 20 gallons of water each day. Here’s some scans and pictures from Tammy’s collection:

Worlds tallest living horse. Scans from Tammy.
Worlds tallest living horse.
Worlds tallest living horse.

Thanks for reading this long post! Bye!

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