The Buehler Family Blog Has a New Home!

We’ve had a hard time updating this blog because we’ve just been so busy. I’ve been contemplating moving my Buehler Family Blog to this domain for quite some time now and I finally decided to bite the bullet and move it today.

Follow me as my life journey continues as a Loan Officer. Head on over to my recently launched Scott Buehler to learn how I am making a difference as a home loan mortgage originator. St George Home Loans and Cedar City Home Loans are my specialty.

Tammy is now close to her Senior year at Southern Utah University and still maintaining an extremely high GPA. She’s very excited to complete her degree by next year! She’s currently enrolled in 15 units which has kept her extremely busy.

As for myself, I’ve been struggling ever since Google released their algorithm updates since April, 2012. I’ve pretty much had to rebuild everything from the ground up due to a plethora of bad links going to my old sites that I simply have no control over. Word to the wise, do not sponsor WordPress themes! Once that ball gets rolling, it is impossible to stop. In fact, my domains I did build links via sponsored themes continues to gain junk links to this day. In the end, I just felt it was time to start over.

Things are going great, in fact, I can now thank Google for opening my eyes. Before, I was a grinding business-as-usual affiliate and now I am building my own content! One of my favorite things I’m doing right now is screencasting to help others get their first websites online. Check out my First Website Video Training Series! I also licensed an awesome WordPress Video Training Series as well. Both video series are provided free but they do ask for donations to help me pay the related costs of making and hosting these videos.

I’m excited to start this next chapter in my life. Follow along, will ya?

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