Smash Mouth Concert

Self-portrait! Scott, Tammy and Trecia during the Smash Mouth Concert

Right after getting back from our unexpected trip to New Hampshire, there was a Smash Mouth concert at the SUU Centrum.  We had already bought tickets, and planned to go with one of my co-workers.

Smash Mouth!! Lead Singer Steve Harwell and Guitarist Leroy Miller

It was an awesome concert!!  I’m so glad we went, and we had a wonderful time.  It was way better than I had expected.  They played a nice mixture of the popular songs, and then played some rock songs.  They also announced that they are going to be working on a new record!

Smash Mouth – Whole band except the percussionist

Smash Mouth, a pop band from California, whose hit songs include “Walkin’ on The Sun” and “All Star,”  performed at SUU for Homecoming Week.  Last year, SUU had the Goo Goo Dolls.  SUU President Michael T. Benson said he hopes a big-name concert will become tradition for Homecoming Week.

To see all the pictures from the Smash Mouth concert, click here!

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