Red Mountain / Razorback Trail

A few weeks ago, we decided to go hiking again, but this time we decided to stay in “our own backyard.” This hike is just up UT-14 about a mile from Main Street. This trail is also used as a mountain bike trail, and we did see some bike tracks, but it certainly was not for the “average biker.”

This loop trail is just outside of Cedar City, so because of the low altitude, only 6000 feet, there’s no snow from April to November. It’s a 3 mile loop, and the altitude change is only 200 feet. The trail winds around in a wash, then climbs up onto sharp ridges of dirt and rock.

Our little hitchhiker that Brittany named "Awesome"

The kids favorite part of the trail was when we picked up an unexpected 5th hiker. Brittany named him “Awesome.” Cole was a little scared of our hairy, horned, white friend at first, but then thought he was a welcomed addition to the family. Our goatee friend seemed more intent to follow Scott and I, then to chase after the kids. He followed us quite a ways, until Scott started throwing rocks into his direction to get him to stay and not follow us to the road or car. Our little goat friend finally took the hint, and stayed behind.

Here we ate lunch..overlooking Cedar City…we could pick out the Coal Creek Pedestrian Trail and park.

We veered off the trail a bit and climbed a rock ridge, that looked much smaller from the trail, until we got on top of it. Nevertheless, we climbed to the top, and had a nice lunch up there with wonderful views of Cedar City. It’s definitely a trail we’re going to do again, when we want to get out and enjoy the outdoors, without going very far.

To see pictures from our hike, click here!

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  1. Great adventure. You are really hikers. 3 miles is a “big walk” for little legs. You will both be so strong. Love you, Aunt Peggy

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