School is Over!!

The kids have mixed feelings about it being over….they’re happy to have a break, but they also will miss seeing their friends every day.

The past couple weeks of school is always hectic, and this year was no exception. On May 1st, the fourth graders were invited to sing in a May Day concert with “In Jubilo” which is a local women’s chorale. (There were a bunch of men who performed too.) They performed at the Heritage Theater, and Brittany and the others did an amazing job.

Cole singing during his Kindergarten program.

Cole also had a Kindergarten program that was just adorable. They walked to the stage in almost Graduation style, and then sang several songs. It’s amazing what they can retain!

Brittany and her class getting ready for their program.

Brittany had one last program on the last day of school that was amazing. They sang the Utah song, songs about Utah history and the Indians. They played a couple songs on their recorders, and even did square dancing.

Both kids were Super Students in their class this year, and had amazing report cards. Brittany got the Presidential Physical Fitness Award, and also second place for the high jump. We are so proud of them!

Cole’s home-made Kindergarten graduation hat and diploma.

On the last day of school, we threw Cole a little “Kindergarten Graduation” party. I made him a graduation hat out of paper, and a diploma, and a cake. He was so thrilled.

Next year, they both go to school, the whole day… no more 1/2 days like in Kindergarten! Oh what can I do with all that peace and quiet??? 😀

To see more pictures from the programs, and celebration, click here!

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  1. Good morning Brittany, Cole, Scott and Tammy, Thank you for sending the photos. Can’t believe another year has gone by so quickly. Congratulations on having a great school year. I know you’ll be doing some exciting adventures in your “dune buggy” . Have a great summer.

    I’m looking forward to seeing Grandma and Grandpa in Las Vegas on the 16th of June. Love, Aunt Peggy

  2. Hi Tammy,
    I love looking at your bloggs. You have got the cutest kids and do lots of fun family things! Have fun on your next vacation….sweet

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