Family Updates

Things have been going great for us this summer.

Although we haven’t been able to do a lot of stuff so far, we’ve enjoyed any available.

We finally made it up to the C mountain overlook here in Cedar. After that, we continued another 25 or so miles to the Kolob Reservoir and spent some time with the kids on the water. For a dirt road, it was actually very well kept and pretty smooth the whole way there. I was able to do 50MPH (speed limit 25) in several areas and had a lot of fun.

We also took a trip up to Bryce Canyon National Park. We went with our neighbors for this 50+ telescope star gazing event they were having there. The kids had a good time and the parents REALLY had a lot of fun looking at the planets including Mercury and Saturn (you could even see the rings). We also did a little hiking there while we waited for the sun to go down.

The trip to Bryce reminded me a lot of driving 4×4 with my dad out in the deep desert way outside of Barstow, somewhere between Barstow and Needles. The amount of stars that I saw was very similar because there was so little “light pollution” as the astronomers call it being deep in a national forest and a new moon.

This Bryce trip was awesome until we needed to drive home (around midnight + new moon = DARK). We must have seen over 16 deer close to the road as we trucked through the mountains to get back to Cedar City. The scariest section of driving was getting through Duck Creek without hitting a sudden-appearing deer. I took the lead the entire drive and my neighbor followed since I had the bigger vehicle. I did a lot of driving down the middle divider when it was dense with trees.

Other than that, I’ve been busting my tail working. I’ve hired two major php programming web development jobs for a couple ideas I’ve had. I am also launching about 2-4 websites a week. So far, things are progressing nicely with all of the things I’ve learned. Sales are up as well.
Our short term goal is to make enough to buy a Yamaha Rhino or Polaris Razr (new for 2008). They are awesome with side-by-side comfort with a steering wheel. But they are very expensive to buy!

Maybe when I find a bit more time, I’ll update the photo gallery with new pictures from these trips. 🙂

So how has your summer been? Leave a comment.

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