Computer Woes

About 5 days ago I was having problems with my computer freezing. Finally, after a few times, I decided to boot into BIOS and check temps. 100C!!!

Needless to say, my heatsink was failing and the heatsink fan was the cause. It was barely being detected by my motherboard and running just over 2200RPM. Typical heatsinks run around 4000-6000RPM.

It turned out to be an awesome problem because I’ve been meaning to upgrade my processor and RAM anyway to the max my motherboard could handle.

So, I just swapped the processor and RAM, put on a new heatsink and the temps are a lot better.

Bonus: I went from 1.4Ghz processor, 512MB RAM, and 266Mhz FSB to a 2.08Ghz (AMD Athlon 2800+), 1GB RAM, and 333Mhz FSB. For those that don’t speak computer, I basically doubled my computer’s speed. The cost? $190 in hardware including tax and shipping.

Hopefully this will extend the life of my computer for another 6 months to a year until I get a faster one to handle my business needs.

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