New Pictures Uploaded From Our Summer Adventures

Author: Tammy

Dear Friends and Family,

We’ve added some new picture albums to our Photo Gallery highlighting what we’ve been doing this summer so far.

Brittany's in the Utah Summer Games for Soccer

In the family album, we’ve added some pictures of Brittany from the 2007 Utah Summer Games (USG) . The Utah Summer Games is an Olympic-style sports festival for athletes of all ages and abilities open to residents of the state of Utah. Brittany played on a soccer team, with many of her friends, they were known as the Purple Warriors. They played teams from all over Utah, and while they didn’t make it to semi-finals, all the girls had a great time.

The Athlete Social was amazing. All the athletes were invited for pizza, ice cream, and drinks, along with lots of bounce houses, mazes, karaoke, and the like. Definitely made it a fun time for the Athletes.

Brittany sees us and is waving.

Right after the Athlete Social, they all lined up to walk in the Parade Of Athletes at the 22nd Annual Opening Ceremonies. This was such a thrill for Brittany. She really enjoyed walking the track with her team, and being a part of the whole event. The pictures of Brittany during the Parade of Athletes aren’t super clear, because we choose to take a movie of her walking, so we could always have those memories for her. I used a program to extract the pictures out of the movie file, so they aren’t the best in the world, but you can definitely see Brittany. The Opening Ceremonies were absolutely amazing, lots of entertainment, great music, and we were even part of trying to break two World Records for the Guinness Book of World Records.

The USG was going to go for the record for the most people wearing balloon hats and going to try to have the largest game of “Simon Says” ever played on planet Earth. From what they announced at the opening ceremonies, all those in attendance shattered both records!!

Grand Finale Fireworks

In addition to the world record attempts the show featured Ryan Shupe and the Rubber Band, an Olympic-style parade of athletes and cauldron lighting ceremony along with an awesome fireworks display to end the evening. The fireworks at the USG Opening Ceremonies are some of the best I’ve ever seen.   More pictures from the Utah Summer Games!

Other pictures we’ve added under the Blog Photos are from our trip to Bryce Canyon, and to the Cedar Mountain Overlook. The Cedar Mountain Overlook is absolutely amazing at 8400 feet elevation, you can see the whole city and beyond. There is a pedestrian/bike trail that you can walk up to the overlook, or you can drive a road up there. We drove, but Scott and I want to eventually hike it up.  Just click the links to be taken to those photo albums!  I hope you enjoy the pics!

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