Alysa Buehler Has Arrived!

Alysa is already 8 days old and has been an absolute joy for Tammy and I. Alysa has been an absolute joy to care for and only gets fussy when she wants her bottle. Brittany and Cole have both held and fed Alysa, although Cole was a little hesitant with the unknown.

Tammy only took two Motrin 800s after the birth of Alysa, one directly after birth and one pill two days after and has recovered exceptionally well.  Her nurses couldn’t believe her refusal of pills and was shocked to hear Tammy say her pain was 0 out of 10 on the day after delivery.  Amazing.

Alysa was our first jaundice baby and had to undergo phototherapy for a full day. Our room was slightly on the cold side and was hard to watch Alysa shiver under the lights. At times, I put Alysa in Tammy’s arms on the hospital bed and shined the light on her that way which seemed to help.

During the entire hospital stay, I was there 95% of the time. I only left to get more clothes for the extra night and to get food since the hospital only provided one complimentary meal for the husband. Speaking of food, the provided hospital food was actually really good here, something I can’t say I’ve ever experienced before at any other hospital I’ve ever been in. They had a long list of breakfast, lunch, and dinner meals (including steak), and you had your pick of two sides and a delicious dessert. I was expecting to run out and get food for us 3x a day but only had to get food for myself as Tammy was very pleased with what they served.

Alysa had her checkup yesterday and they said her jaundice appears much better based on her skin coloration. We were thrilled that Alysa didn’t need to get yet another poke on her heels.

The spelling of Alysa means “noble kind” or “princess.”
Born 11/22/2010, 8 pounds even, 19 3/4 inches.

Anyway, I put together a collection of photos over the last 7 days. Be sure to see the last photo in this collection, it is, by far, our favorite one! See below:

Alysa Just Delivered!
Everyone is Exhausted
Papa holds Alysa
Brittany and Cole say hi to Alysa
Alysa smiles in the hospital crib.
They wanted to sit in the hospital bed.
Alysa's first time in her new carseat!
Alysa arrives home - Brittany gets to hold her first
Alysa arrives home - Cole holds her next
Alysa feels the love!
We put Alysa in our master bedroom window for the morning sun (weather permitting) to help with her jaundice.
Brittany feeds Alysa
Brittany, smile for the camera!
Cole feeds Alysa

Grandma holds Alysa for the first time
Alysa wide awake, enjoying company
Thomas holds Alysa for the first time
Grandpa holds Alysa for the first time, grandma caught passing off the baby to Grandpa!
Grandpa gets alone time with Alysa
Grandma plays with Alysa
Grandma feeds Alysa
Alysa hamming it up for the camera
Our favorite photo of Alysa done by Tammy. The hand pose was entirely random and just a very lucky shot. Great job hun!

That’s it for now! All pictures can be clicked to enlarge to 800×600. All photos available in full 12.1 MP size (4000 x 3000), just email us a request and we’ll send it to you.

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  1. Ahhh, Tammy! She is so beautiful! Congrats to your whole family! I’m glad you’re both doing so well and that she came at a time that you don’t have to stress so much about your history final! Good Luck! I can’t wait to meet her! 🙂

  2. She’s absolutely beautiful. What a thrill and a blessing–a new baby to love. Congratulations to all of you. Much love, Aunt Peggy

  3. AWWWWW!!!! Now we really need to get up there! Everyone looks great! Congrats! Take care and enjoy! They grow so fast! She is beautiful!

  4. She is beautiful! I hesitate showing these photos to my wife as I have 3 boys. Everytime she sees a cute little girl like Alysa she thinks she has to have one 🙂 It is good to hear all is well and thank you for sharing the photos.

    I know you are super busy with the new baby but don’t forget about your Christmas letter. I look forward to every year!

    Congrats!! Andy Springer

  5. Congratulation, what a beautiful daughter you have and I love the name Alysa. God Bless You all and have a great Christmas.

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