May – June 7th, 2009 – Baby, Mother’s Day, Birthday, etc.

May 6th, I had my first prenatal appointment with Laurie Hanson.  She’s a certified nurse midwife who has gotten really good reviews on websites.  I had a great experience with my last midwife when I had Cole, so I went with the only midwife that is in the southern Utah area.  The best part of the appointment was when we heard the baby’s heartbeat!  Scott and I were so excited! It’s really true, we’re going to have a baby!!!   Now we can tell family, yay!!

All of us on the day before Mother's Day

May 9th was Mother’s Day, and this was the day we decided to tell Scott’s mom that I was pregnant. We were pleasantly surprised when Scott’s sister and brother also came up, as they would all find out too. I made a Mother’s day card for Scott’s mom, that announced the news. We hadn’t told the kids yet, so I had them read and sign the mother’s day card for grandma. Brittany read the outside and then read the inside…and Scott and I just waited…and waited for the light bulb to click on…and then it did. She looked at us, and said, “Wait, who’s pregnant?” We just laughed and said I was. Both the kids were sooo happy! They have been hinting at wanting another sibling but I don’t think they ever expected it to come true. Scott’s mom was so excited when she read the card, and the card quickly got passed along to all the other family members.

Brittany's last concert

May 12th, Brittany played in her last band concert.  She’s decided that she just didn’t like clarinet very much, and wanted to take other classes, that she wouldn’t be able to take if she took band again next year.  While Scott was most disappointed, mostly because of the cost of the instrument, he relented when one of the classes she wanted to take was a web designing class!  That’s right up his alley, and thinks she will do well in it, as she is already playing with her own website as it is.

Star Wars: In Concert

On May 29th, we headed down to Vegas for Star Wars: In Concert. It was only going to be there that one night, so I really wanted to go, as that was the closest place it was going to be to us. Star Wars: In Concert features music from all six of John Williams’ epic Star Wars scores, and narrated live by Anthony Daniels (the actor who portrayed C-3PO in all six films). The production features a full symphony orchestra and choir, accompanied by specially edited footage from the films displayed on a three-story-tall, high-definition LED super-screen — one of the largest ever put on tour. The live music and film elements are synchronized in order to create a full multi-media, one-of-kind Star Wars experience. It was an absolutely amazing show!! Cole was very excited to go, and Brittany was prepared to be bored, as she isn’t a huge Star Wars fan, but she said that the show was way better than she expected!! I’m so glad we were able to make it to the concert!

Birthday Presents

June 7th, I can’t believe our son is now 8!  For his birthday, he had two requests.  One, he wanted to go to Pirate Island Pizza.  He just loves playing the arcade games there, and then turning the tickets in for prizes.  We got some pizza, played the games, and then went home for dessert.  His second request was for a chocolate cake, with chocolate frosting, and chocolate sprinkles.  A boy after my own heart!  Death by Chocolate!   After dessert, we opened presents, and he had fun with a present from Grandma Katie.  She got him some new shorts, and pants, but hid fun things in the pockets, like dollar bills, and rocks!  He had fun going through all the pockets to see what he’d find.  His other favorite present was the Nerf Ball Launcher.  I think he only wanted this to fire balls at his sister, but ya never know!  More pictures from Cole’s Birthday!

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