March & April, 2010 – Birthday, Easter & Other Stuff

New Teen Bedding

Brittany had her 12th birthday in March, and all of a sudden thinks she’s a teenager.  I keep telling her that THIRTEEN is a teenager.  She just looks at me like I’m the stupid one.  She’s got that tween attitude going on for sure.  She had a nice quiet family birthday at home, and we decided to get her a new bed set with matching curtains for her birthday.  Something a little more “teenagerish” we got her stripes and polka dots, that can be mix-matched in all sorts of styles, depending on her mood..which changes often! 🙂
More Birthday pictures here!

March 24th, I took a home pregnancy test.  It came out positive, and while Scott and I are super excited, we didn’t dare tell anyone yet, just in case, the results are wrong, or something else weird.  We decided to wait a while, before going to the doctor to have them confirm.

SUU Science Fair

March 26th was the SUU Science Fair.  Brittany and a friend participated in it with a team project.  They didn’t win any awards this year, but they had fun attending all the activities that SUU puts on during the Science Fair.

April 1st, we got more snow!  Cole was especially devastated as he thought the Easter Bunny wasn’t going to be able to come and hide eggs in 3 days with snow on the ground.  He even went out to shovel, so that the Easter Bunny would have a path to the backyard!

Cole shoveling 3 days before Easter so that the Easter Bunny can come and hide eggs!

April 4th, well, guess what?  The Easter Bunny made it to our house.  Thanks to some sun and Cole’s shoveling, there were eggs all over the backyard for them to find this year.  He looks forward to the Egg Hunt each year, and there was no way some snow was going to thwart his fun!  I decided to do something different this year for hiding their Easter baskets.  Instead of the golden egg holding the 1 clue of where the basket was hidden, I decided to make it 10 different clues.  So once they found the 1st clue, that led them to the 2nd clue, which led them to the 3rd, etc.  Cole had so much fun finding his eggs inside the house that led to the basket.  Brittany wasn’t too thrilled with having to find 10 clues inside the house, but she persevered!  It was so much fun watching the kids running around the house trying to find their next clue, that I totally missed taking pictures of them and their baskets!

We had a wonderful Easter dinner with Scott’s mom, step-dad, our niece and nephew.  I made a cute Easter bunny bread this year, that I thought was too cute to eat, but everyone else just tore into him, eating eyes, and cheeks, and just mangling him!  I must confess, he really did taste good! :x   See more Easter pictures!

Isn't he just too cute to eat??

April 23rd, Cole performed in his play, MacBeth.  We had been hearing about it for months, and his part in the play, and him reciting his part over and over again, and finally the day had arrived for him to perform.  He did superb.  No pictures, because I took it all on video, but he was able to be heard, and spoke his lines slowly so he could be understand, something we worked with him for weeks on!

Cole trying out his new skateboard

April 30th was Brittany’s last dress-up day at school.  6th grade had been all about dressing up in different periods of history, which has been a lot of fun for the kids, not so fun for mom.  Each period required the parents helping to make a costume, and buying materials for the costume.  We had 3 costumes to make, Egyptian, Greek and Shakespearean.  We made the Egyptian, and Greek, but I gave up on Shakespearean and just bought a Juliet costume that she can wear for Halloween this year.
More pictures from Dress-Up Days!

Brittany as Artemis for Greek Dress-Up Day

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