Twilight Movie Tour of “Forks”

When it came time to bring Twilight to the big screen, Catherine Hardwicke and her crew couldn’t use Forks.  The town in Washington State, with a population of 3,275, just didn’t have the housing and infrastructure for a film crew.

So, as any devout Twilight fan knows, Hardwicke and company headed to Portland, Oregon, and surrounding towns for the filming.  And so followed Twilighters to see the film locations for themselves.

We went through Oregon on our way back home from Washington, so that is why we have these pictures.  They really weren’t too far out of the way to stop and check out.  Some of them, we wouldn’t have found without a GPS, especially the Cullen house which is in the photo album.

1.  Bella’s House

This private residence was converted to serve as Bella’s childhood home, which she returns to when she moves back to Forks to live with Charlie.

Bella's House in the movie
Private Residence

2.  “Forks High School” parking lot

Home to several memorable moments, the parking lot is best known as the place where Edward appears out of nowhere and stops the careening van with his bare hands to save Bella.

"Forks" High School Parking Lot in the movie
Kalama High School parking lot

3.  Carver Cafe

In the books, Bella cooks most nights for Charlie. However, in the movie, the two eat out often. It’s at this restaurant counter that Stephenie Meyer has her Twilight cameo.

Cafe in the movie
Carver Cafe

4.  Sparkle Reveal

Located on the grounds of the Stone Cliff Inn, this memorable rock formation is the backdrop when Edward reveals his true nature to Bella and shows off his sparkling skin.

Sparkling Edward in the movie
Stone Cliff Inn property in back

5.  Lion and Lamb

A few feet further down the path, this second outcrop of mossy rocks is where Edward delivers one of fans’ most beloved lines, “And so the lion fell in love with the lamb.”

"And so the lion fell in love with the lamb" scene in the movie
Stone Cliff Inn property in back

6.  Prom Dress Shop

The Angel Hair Salon was converted into “Petite Jolie,” the Port Angeles store where Bella’s friends tried on prom dresses. Most of the dresses came from a nearby shop, Jilly’s, frequented by the cast & crew.

Prom Dress Shop in the movie
Angel Hair and Nails Salon

7.  Bookstore and Alley

After promising to meet her friends for dinner, Bella leaves the dress shop and heads to the Thunderbird and Whale bookstore. When she leaves the store, she encounters the guys in the alley.

Alley in the movie
Attorney's Office and Alley

8.  Parking Lot Rescue

In her attempt to avoid the alley guys, Bella heads to the nearby parking lot and runs into more thugs before Edward zooms in with his Volvo, and menacing stare, to save her.

Parking Lot Rescue in the movie
Parking Lot

9.  Italian Restaurant

While there really is a Bella Italia restaurant in Port Angeles, in the movie Edward took Bella to the Bloated Toad for her mushroom ravioli. The location used, however, was a restaurant only for the movie.

"The Bloated Toad" Italian Restaurant in the movie
Residential Construction Office

10.  Prom Scene

No cheesy high school gymnasium, the location for Forks High School’s prom was the View Point Inn. It’s here that the cast-footed Bella danced with Edward in the gazebo.

Prom Scene from the movie
The View Point Inn

Other spots we visited are:  The Cullen’s House, Jilly’s for set decorations, and Multnomah Falls, which can be seen in the movie as Edward and Bella are on their way to the baseball field.

To see other pictures from the Twilight Movie Tour, please visit the album in our photo gallery!

To see pictures from the real life city of Forks, Port Angeles, and LaPush, click here to read this blog post!

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