AYSO Soccer & Other Notes

Well, another soccer season is over.  The kids had a fun time doing soccer again.

Here’s Cole stopping a ball from going in the goal!

Cole has found a position that he actually likes on the team – GOALIE!  Although, as a mom, it was kinda scary seeing all those kids running at my son trying to kick the ball, while he’s trying to trap the ball with his hands.  Thankfully nothing bad happened, and he did well.  Cole’s team was the Sharks, this year.

Brittany getting ready to kick off.

Brittany played forward again for the whole season, and was able to score quite a few goals.  Brittany’s team was the Chameleons.  I think the incentive of getting ice cream for each goal helps.  She really likes soccer, but now she’s on to something new.  Now, she’s trying gymnastics!  So far, she LOVES gymnastics.

On to other news, Cole lost his first tooth!  He was so excited!  He’s got another tooth that’s very close to coming out.

Pumpkin in 2005 at Tammy’s mom’s house

We have a new fur baby in our home!  He’s a cat that used to be my mom’s, that we now have adopted.  His name is Pumpkin, and he’s very lovable.  Checkers, our resident cat, was not thrilled at all with the new addition.  She and Pumpkin got into lots of fights, the first few weeks.  It’s getting better, but sometimes Checkers still feels she needs to show her dominance, and starts a fight.

Snow on our poor pumpkins!

This past weekend, we had the first snow of the season!  We couldn’t believe it!  Just earlier in the day, the kids had been outside playing with their summer toys, and then it started to snow, and they had to bring everything back in!  Our poor pumpkins had snow-covered tops!  The snow melted the next day, but still… it was only October 11th, and we got snow!!  Crazy!

To see the soccer pics, click here!

To see our new fur baby, click here! (be sure to click next to see the following pictures!)

To see the first snow pictures, click here!

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  1. Well, you’ve got us beat! At least we have 3 cords of wood standing by for when the snow flies! Franklin had his soccer playoffs today – starting @ 8:20am – and it was freezing!

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