Another trip to Zions today. Fall colors… oh my!

Well, they woke me up today at 9AM to enjoy the great Utah outdoors, once again. I think Tammy and I have been up to Zions National Park about 7 times or so this year alone.

This time, we got to enjoy the waters of the area. Both Navajo Lake and the Yankee Meadow Reservoir. Here’s some pictures:

Tammy and Mom enjoying the fresh air at Cascade Falls.
Yankee Meadow Reservoir
Grandpa and Cole enjoying the creek.
Cole being a monkey
Navajo Lake Scenery
Pete and Mom at the Yankee Meadow Reservoir

That’s only 6! There is 110 total pictures available. Click here to view them all.

Once again we had an awesome time. It was a little colder than normal, around 55 degrees while we were up there. In Cedar City, we are warming up and enjoying the mid 70s. It is supposed to warm up for the rest of the week to around the low 80s.

Every day I am amazed at how healthy most Utah patrons live. We see lots of joggers in the morning, biking in the afternoons, and people walking near the evenings.

As far as the kids, they have year round activities. Brittany’s AYSO soccer league just ended, however, the KICKS soccer league has just started. Brittany wanted to join the KICKS program so we let her. Once that is over, we have her enrolled in basketball which starts sometime in December. Cole is enjoying his pre-k schooling and getting him to miss a day is impossible. He absolutely loves it. His schooling is part of the Southern Utah University (SUU) schooling program. The college kids come over to help everyday as part of their lab work. This pre-k school has the kids cooking, cutting veggies, playing on computers, and so much more! Amazing!

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