We had a very busy and fun day today! New pictures!

There are new pictures added for today’s events in the gallery. Click here to view them.

Lets see what all did we do today.

This morning Brittany had another KICKS Soccer Game. Her last game, she scored 3 goals and the team won 10-0. Today, they lost but Brittany scored the only goal for the team! We are so proud of her! The team now has a record of 2-1.

After the game was over, we headed over to the Skyview Festival. Earlier in the morning, they launched a ton of hot air balloons and they actually flew right over our house. So fun!

Hot air balloon right above our house. Part of the Skyfest Festival here in Cedar City.

Anyways, at the Skyview Festival, we watched remote controlled model planes, had special balloons made for the kids, and the kids played on the slide.

Large air slide at the Skyfest Festival in Cedar City.

After that, we decided to load the quad up in the truck to go quading. Little did we know there was a planned extreme rock climbing event going on at Three Peaks. Check out some of the shots we look!

Rock climbing competition at three peaks, Cedar City.
Rock climbing competition at three peaks, Cedar City.Rock climbing competition at three peaks, Cedar City.

Be sure to check out some of the photos Tammy took of the kids as well. Enjoy!

Brittany and Cole in tree at three peaks.

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