Cole Coming Down!

We decided to go sledding a couple of days ago, and what a blast it was. Scott and Cole have never snow sledded before, so I was a little worried for Cole.

Brittany loves to sled, and I used to sled all the time back in New Hampshire when I was growing up. Even as an adult, I’ve gone back there and did some sledding. It never gets old.

The first few times, Cole and I went down together in a big sled, and Cole was having a lot of fun. Then it happened….he wanted to go by himself. We were all a little nervous, but said… “alright.” After getting him all set in the sled, and he was holding the string, he was ready to go…

He was looking good..going straight, and then he turned slightly and went right over a snow bump, and dumped face first in the snow. All of us waited silently at the top of the hill….was he hurt?..would this be the end of the sledding fun? We continued to watch for a couple seconds more, and then he came up smiling and laughing! PHEW!!! What a trooper, and then he wanted to go again, and again!!!

After we were all having so much fun (yes, including me, going backwards on the disk, and spinning, etc), Scott decided that he was too cold standing at the top of the hill, so he might as well try it… and boy, there was no stopping him after he started! We were all like big kids…racing down the hill, trying not to run into each other…though we had some very close calls!

It was our first family snow sledding trip, and it was a blast! The kids have been asking when we can go do it again! Check out all the pictures here!


Halloween was the last time we blogged, (We got busy! Sorry!!) so you’ll notice there are a bunch of new posts and pictures that have been added, so be sure to check them out!

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  1. I remember sledding down Connecticut Ave and Massachusettes Ave in Clairton. It was so much fun.

    It’s nice that you can do it close to your home. Your kids will have fond memories of it.

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