February Updates

WoW! It’s been 3 months already since the last blog post…it’s amazing how fast time flies!

We’ve added a couple new pictures of the ferret babies, who are growing rapidly since we first got them. Just click on the thumbnails below to go to the larger size picture.

Brittany and Cole with Tidus and Dakota
Brittany with Tidus who is 3 months old
Cole with Dakota who is 5 months old

Our niece’s birthday is in February along with Scott’s, so Scott’s mom took us all out to the Ninja for dinner in celebration. What an amazing experience. Ninja is a Japanese steakhouse, very similar to Benihana. It opened in November 2007, with sushi, hibachi chefs, and an amazing performance each night. You have the option of sitting at the table where a chef will cook your entrees right in front of you, and they put on quite a show while they’re cooking. This Japanese cooking style is called hibachi or teppanyaki.

The chef’s talents include drumming their utensils, toss food in the air, and some even create a fiery stack of onions. Some of the chef’s even get interactive, by tossing food into your mouth. It was quite fun! The preparation of food at this restaurant is really a form of art and entertainment.

Speed Chen is the head chef at the restaurant, and we were lucky enough to have him prepare our food the night we were there, and he was quite fun and entertaining!

The restaurant offers beef, chicken and a variety of seafood such as lobster, halibut, salmon, scallops, shrimp and king crab legs. They also have a sushi bar. The chef asks the customer how they want their food and all entrees are cooked at their table.

For anyone who hasn’t been here, I would definitely reccomend it, even though it is a higher scale restaurant with higher scale meal prices, it is worth every penny.

Speed, co-owner of Ninja
All of us celebrating Scott and Jen’s birthday at Ninja’s.

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