Halloween is Over!

Brittany as Monster Bride & Cole as Black Spiderman

The kids have been waiting for Halloween since August. That is how long they’ve had their costumes sitting in our closet, just dying to wear them for the big day!

They started their Halloween day early, being up at 6:30 in the morning. I don’t even get up until a little after 7..and when I did, I was shocked to see both kids, dressed and ready for school, and eating breakfast! Usually when I get up, I have to go and get them up…but not this morning! They were ready! The potential sugar high later in the evening, must have kept them from sleeping in!

Brittany even asked that I pick her up from school, since that would be faster than taking the bus home! As soon as she got home, both Cole and Brittany raced to get their costumes on. They were so happy to get all dressed up and do the trick-or-treating thing. Both of them got lots of compliments on their costumes as they went from door to door. Brittany was a monster bride, and Cole was Black SpiderMan.

Cole got a lot of “Black SpiderMan? Isn’t he the bad one?” Ahh yes, that is my son…not the super hero…more like the super villain!

We were surprised at how early trick or treating started here. We had our first trick-or-treaters (or “customers” as Cole liked to call them) at 5:00…we weren’t even ready for people at that time. Mom called us, and told us that she was getting kids too. Mostly younger kids with their parents in tow.

We went out at about 6:30 pm, it was still light outside, and were surprised to see how many people were out before it was even dark.

After stopping at Mom’s house, Scott hurried home to hand out the candy we had bought. The kids and I hit the houses along the way to our house, and got home a little after 8. I thought the kids would be tired and ready to take off their costumes… NOPE! They both sat outside and handed out candy until 9, when we shut off our lights so the kids could go to bed. We were so happy that our niece, Jennifer, aka SuperGirl stopped by to see us, even if she did use us for our nice, warm house! 🙂

Brittany and Cole got lots of candy and even money from Grandma. They both had a fun Halloween and that’s what it’s all about. See more pictures from Halloween here!

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