Friday, June 13th – Pilot Butte & Jackson

The map of our 10 day, 3000 mile trip through 5 states.

We are finally home (and recovered) from our 10 day, 3000 mile trip. It was an awesome trip, and we would totally do it again. It’s taken awhile to sort through the pictures, and get them sorry for the almost 2 week delay in getting these pictures and posts up. I wrote these blogs each night after the day was over, so I wouldn’t forget any details of the day.  Hope you enjoy the posts!

Friday, June 13th – Pilot Butte & Jackson

Pilot Butte Wild Horse Scenic Tour Sign

Today was a long day of driving… about 11 hours total. It would have been shorter had we gone directly to Jackson, but we decided to do a side trip to the Pilot Butte Wild Horse Scenic Tour from Rock Springs, WY.

We should have started this in Green River, but ended up passing Green River and started it in Rock Springs. Little did we know that the 26 mile horse tour led us from Rock Springs back to Green River! Oh well! We were passing through this area around 3pm, smack dab in the middle of the day. Wyoming scenery was pretty much the same…lots and lots of sage brush on flat land with mountains in the distance. About 6 miles into the trip, we saw our first horses…2 of them way into the distance. They were too far to even take a picture. There were lots of kiosks along the way describing different outlooks along the trail.

Pilot Butte – No we didn’t drive the road up there…we didn’t see any point.

We passed Pilot Butte, and was hoping to see a herd of horses in all the flat green areas, but there was no such luck. We saw lots of evidence that there were horses around at one point, since there were droppings strategically placed by the sides of the road, or sometimes on the road itself.

Finally saw horses near the end of the 26 mile drive.

After driving about 20 miles into the tour, almost to Green River, Scott spotted a set of 3 horses on the hill. It ended up being a family of a mom, dad and baby. We got some pictures of the family since it was the last sighting of horses we saw. A total of 5 horses in 26 miles…not quite what we were expecting. However, Brittany was quite happy to see wild horses!!

Jackson, Wyoming – We spent 2 nights here, and loved it.

After, we re-drove our way back to Rock Springs; we headed up to Jackson, and got stuck in some construction where we were at a standstill for 20 minutes. After that, it was clear to Jackson, and about an hour before Jackson, we entered a national forest that was absolutely beautiful. We really like Jackson Hole, Wyoming …lots of neat places here, cowboy saloons, antler entry ways in the town square, lots of log cabins… very western theme in Wyoming!

Tomorrow, Brittany and Scott tackle white water rafting, while Cole and I do a scenic float tour on the Snake River! We can’t wait!

To see all the pictures from today, click here!

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  1. A great trip–I did this trip with Grandma Gross – 1973. Absolutely very memorable. We took 3 mos. and were travelling from PA. Thanks for the photos. Love, Aunt Peggy

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