June 7th, 2008 – Pete & Cole Birthdays

I know I’m a little late with this post, but we took vacation soon after Pete & Cole’s birthday, so am just now trying to get everything caught up on the blog!  Look for more blog posts from our vacation in the next few days!

Well, 2008 was another monumental year… 5 years ago… our son turned 1 with his grandpa who turned 65…now 5 years later… they are 6 and 70!!

One of the holes at Blacklight Miniature Golf.

We took Cole to Laser Mania Fun Center in Saint George the day before his birthday as a little treat.  He loved playing the A-Mazeing Blacklight Miniature Golf, but he had the most fun playing Laser Force Laser Tag.  It was just the 2 kids and me who went into the Laser Tag, but what started out as everyone for themselves, quickly turned into the kids versus me!   Brittany was a little sniper, hanging out on the top level, and shooting at me from above, while Cole preferred the stealth mode, and would just sneak up on you around corners and fire away!  It was so much fun, it was all Cole could talk about on the way home.

The next day, on the real birthday, we all went out with Grandpa and Grandma to Pizza Factory to have lunch.  After lunch, they all came to our house, where we had a birthday party for them.

Pete & Cole blowing out the candles!

I made a chocolate bundt cake that had 6 candles on one side for Cole to blow out, and the other side had 7 candles for Pete to blow out.  1 candle for each 10 years of his life!  We also had a berry trifle to go along with it.

Pete, age 70 shares a birthday with Cole who turned 6. Pete wearing the shirt the kids got him.

Cole was so happy to finally get his DS that he had been saving money for his birthday…and the kids got Grandpa a very cool shirt, that he proudly wore!

We are looking forward to having another big party in 5 years, when they’re 11 and 75! 🙂

To see all the pictures from this album, click here!

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