SUU Watermelon Bust

Brittany & Cole with Thor, the mascot of SUU

The kids got to participate in the Meet The Team Watermelon Bust during Welcome week at SUU.  All the SUU football players were there, and the kids had a great time.  They got to play lots of games, and eat watermelon.  The kids are both part of the SUU Thunderkids program, so they got a Thunderkids shirt while they were there.  Brittany saw another kid wearing their shirt, and getting it signed, she wanted to do that, but she was really shy.

Cole getting his shirt signed by the SUU football players

Both the kids put on their shirts, but Brittany still wouldn’t go and ask a football player to sign her shirt.  I got her started on the first one, and then she was off and running, and got a bunch of them to sign her shirt.  She was so happy.  Cole was the same way, he’d just turn his back, waiting for someone to sign it.  It was so cute!

Brittany and Cole with their signed shirts.

The kids got lots of signatures, and they had so much fun.  The football players were very cool, and when even call over other members of the team to come sign the shirts.

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