Christmas 2007

Cole & Brittany – Christmas 2007

Ahh yes…the holiday season…. when all children have their sweet smiles and oh so helpful attitude for at least one day…usually the day right before Christmas… ahhh my little angels. This year was no different.

My kids swear that December 24th is the longest day of the year. By 9 am, they were already wondering when the day was going to get over so that they could go to sleep… trying to keep them busy that day without driving yourself nuts proves to be very challenging.

Scott’s dad, Bill and Katie came up a couple days before Christmas and it was really nice to have them here for a visit. It was fun showing Kate around our little shops in Cedar. It was cool winter weather while they were here, but thankfully no snow….and then they left…and it seems like it hasn’t stopped snowing since. No sooner do we shovel from one storm, we have another one coming in… and another..and another.

All Decorated and Lit Up Christmas Tree

Christmas Day was its typical craziness. Crawl out of bed at 8 am, eat a very slow breakfast, all the while torturing your kids that they have to wait for you before they can open their presents. Ahhh, parenthood can be so much fun, sometimes! 🙂 Then when you give the kids the go-ahead, it’s opening all the presents, cleaning up all the wrapping paper, opening all the boxes that the toys come in, assembling all said toys, and cleaning up all the boxes. The kids loved their presents. Brittany’s favorite things have to be the I-Dog she received from us and her Rhianna CD she got from Grandpa Bill and Grandma Katie. Cole’s favorie things are the Mario Party game for Nintendo DS that Grandpa Bill and Grandma Katie got him, and the dinosaur eggs we got him.

2 Days of Decorating and Here is the Finished Gingerbread House

The kids had fun making an edible gingerbread house. They didn’t really eat any gingerbread, but had fun making the house and then eating all the candy off of it.

Here’s some pictures of the kids decorating the tree, making the gingerbread house, and Christmas Day.

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  1. Hi everyone, Glad you are enjoying the snow. Like your new pet!!! We’re all fine–we look at the snow and ice but not ready to go out again yet.
    I fell on the ice 2 weeks ago so I’m a little hesitant about going out. I get in my car in the garage and don’t walk. Thanks for the photos and the updates.
    Been keeping in touch with Kay and Pete. Love to all, Aunt Peggy

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