A New Family Member…Again!

As most of you know, we got a new little Dark Eyed White Ferret, Aeon back in October. Well, unknown to us, she and most of her litter mates were very sick, and a lot of them died, including Aeon after just 12 days being with us.

The pet store was going to replace her for us, but there ended up being lots of problems. Including the replacement ferret dying in the pet store. So the Pet Store had to get another one, and they were going to ship it a different route, and all this chaos.

So after several weeks, we finally got the call, that our new baby had arrived. The pet store had the baby in the store for a week, and thought it was time for him to go home.

We took him home and he weighed about .8 ounces. Now, about a month later, he weighs over a pound and a half. He’s a feisty little one, and the only male of the group..surrounded by 2 females. Now what boy wouldn’t like that? 🙂

Meet our newest family member, Tidus! 🙂 (click on the birth announcement to see other Tidus pictures!)

Tidus Sleeping with Dakota and Domino.
Tidus eating, Domino Looking out the Playpen, Dakota Looking Up
Tidus, Dakota and Domino All Wrestling

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