My New Rzr!!

No, I’m not talking about the Motorola Razr phone…

I’m talking about the new 2008 Polaris Ranger Rzr 800 EFI!!!! (Click the Rzr Picture below to see all the pictures in this album!)

My Polaris Ranger Rzr 800

I put this baby on reserve back in June…and originally they told me it would make a nice Christmas gift…but then as time went on, and I kept checking the status of it…they told me January or February. Then I got the call in early December that it was coming in next week! I was so excited!

There were a lot of accessories I put on to it to get me started…and I’m sure I”ll be adding more along the way. I finally got to pick it up on December 13th. The first day I got to drive it was December 16th.   We had so much fun with it.  It really is an awesome ride.  After a couple of hours, we took it up to 40 mph during the “break-in period” but that came to a quick halt, as we lost 2 bolts that go into the tire hub, and some lug nuts.  So our first trip was cut a bit short…now we’re waiting for parts before we can go out to play again….

Here’s some highlights about the 2008 Polaris Ranger Rzr 800.

The RZR stands for “Razor”…. As in Razor sharp side-by-side.

The all new Polaris Ranger RZR. It is smaller, lighter, and faster than any side-by-side currently on the market. It is incredibly responsive with lots of power provided by a twin cylinder 800 EFI engine, low center of gravity and front/rear anti-sway bars.

From the side you can see the lowered seat placement and a longer wheelbase which will help keep it on four wheels.

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  1. To Tammy, We really enjoyed seeing the pictures of your new RZR. We are also going to buy a new RZR. We decided to wait until the 2009 comes out because of the recalls we have heared about,and some other smaller problems we have read about on the web. Regarding the problem you had with the wheel bolts, was that a factory defect or a poor service problem from the dealer? If you have had time to ride your RZR we would like to hear about it. Hope you both have a save and happy ride. Mike

  2. I believe Tammy answered this in email, but wanted to post publically. It was our dealer’s fault for not telling us that the upgraded aluminum wheels require the lug nuts to be tightened more often because they come loose easier.

    Since we didn’t tighten the lug nuts until after quite a few hours of rough terrain riding, it is possible they loosened enough to cause vibration and the studs/bolts to snap.

    Overall, we love this new toy. I love it because I have a riding partner now. 🙂

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