What’s that? It isn’t white?

Hi all.

Everyone here in Cedar is loving the warmer 50 degree temperatures. We’re seeing the snow melt before our eyes and everyone is happy!

Our front yard (which is hit with the early powerful sun) is showing grass all over. Our back yard still has snow up to my knees. We used that snow to build a snowman… although it turned out to be a cross between an octopus and a snowWOman…. That’s what Tammy says. I won’t mention what I think it looks like..

Anyways…….. our streets are clear, people are clearing out the snow and ice from the curbs by breaking it up.. and we’re all out with no jackets on. Heh.

Looks like we have another storm moving in this weekend.. but by then, we might be mostly cleared out. So how’s your weather?

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  1. What does your corprate monitering software do exactly? I may be able to sell it to the solar plant that I work for before I leave. We have a computer dude at the plant that takes care of the network and the automated plant readings. We also have a manual input in the network for the physical readings the operaters take. The secretary uses the network for payrole, vacation, and attendance stuff. If you think we can use it, send me some kind of sales pitch. I’m sure they have some gross profit numbers in there current program too. The security gate takes the clock in and out times by means of a key card reader also.

  2. Hey there
    I love the site and i love the pics. I’ve realized how much i have changed over time. Everybody as well. Oh and thanx for the add and I would love to be added. I miss all of you so much and i will have a serious attitude adjustment when i get back.
    With much love,
    Jennifer Alberding

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