No Updates In.. Forever!


Sorry for the lack of updates. Things have been extremely busy for me over the last few months and haven’t had a chance to post here.

Anyways, I took a year off from making new sites, updating old sites, etc and now I’m paying for it. So, since January I’ve learned all the new secrets of internet marketing, new methods, new technology, the works. My brain is a sponge.

As of right now, I have two PHP development companies hired and working on a few site ideas I have. We’re going pretty deep into debt on the business side to pull off my master plan that should, at the minimum, return my investment by the end of the year.

The family is doing great and we’re keeping up on bills so overall, I’m standing pretty tall. 🙂

We’ll be doing a few trips here and there this summer but mostly, I’ll be behind this computer working my tail off on these new projects I have hired. I need to get a jump start on the fall/winter season, especially Christmas.

So that’s where we stand at the moment. I’ll be taking pictures when we do things and posting them here. There’s a lot we haven’t done in Utah still. Love this state.

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  1. finally!!! i have been checking this site for months everyday when i get on at i am glad everythings ok. i have a lot of drama still would like to talk to u guys about them but i have been working and couldnt call. i will though. yeah i got a job at subway its fun and money in the pocket is great. i will call love u guys.

  2. I had a bad back spasm yesterday while edging the lawn of all things. Horrible.

    Jim, you can call anytime. NP. Scott

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