March 2009 – Brittany’s Birthday & Chill on the Hill

March 17th – Brittany’s 11th Birthday

Brittany's party room at Pirate Island Pizza

Brittany wanted to check out the new Pirate Island Pizza in Saint George for her birthday.  We invited Grandma and Grandpa and Jen to come with us, so we had a nice family birthday for her.  None of us had eaten there before, so it was fun to check out.  We reserved the Smuggler’s cave for her birthday, since it would fit all of us, and it just sounded fun to eat in a cave.

The Kraken - a 2 foot diameter pizza

The food was really good, and the kids loved the arcade.  We ordered the Kraken, which is a 2 foot across pizza.  It was huge when it came!  Thankfully we had some teenagers to help eat that, and a big group!

Brittany taking aim at the Laser Shooting Gallery

The kids had fun in the arcade earning tickets for playing the games, and then cashing them in for prizes at the end.  We were able to bring her birthday cake inside and have dessert there.  This is definitely a place we will come back to visit again and again.
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March 22nd -  Chill on the Hill at Brian Head

Jenn, Destiny, and Thomas

Gary’s family was in town for the weekend, so we decided to check out the “Chill on the Hill” at Brian Head.   Even Mom and Pete came along.  It was a huge party with rising band, Otherwise, from Las Vegas performing.  Next, Saving Abel performed, who sings the songs “Addicted” and “18 Days.”  Both bands were really good, and we had a lot of fun spending the day at Brian Head.  More pictures from Brian Head!

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