November & December 2009 – New Moon & Christmas

November 19th – New Moon Party

Food at the New Moon Party

My co-worker, Trecia, put on a New Moon party at her house on the night that New Moon was showing in the theatres at midnight.  She put so much work into decorating her house, preparing cute sayings for the food, and making goodie bags for us all.  She even found a local neighbor that had a truck similar to Bella’s in the movie, and got permission for us to all have our picture taken with the truck!  That was a fun trick trying to get us all in the picture!  I had to work that night, but was able to go to the party before work, and then meet up with everyone at the theatre for the midnight showing.  It was so much fun, but I felt slightly guilty that I didn’t have to wait in line, in the cold, like everyone else!

Volturi Castle at the movie theatre

At the theatre, it was all decorated with New Moon themed props.  We had fun taking pictures at the theatre, and then watching the movie all as a group.  A day later, I went back and took Brittany to see the movie with me.  More New Moon pictures!

December 10th – Children’s Christmas Festival

Kids at the North Pole

I was working the day of the Storybook Cavalcade Christmas Parade.  It takes place on Main Street each year and is a part of the American Children’s Christmas Festival. The parade includes floats, walking characters, large balloons, marching bands, cars and more.  Scott took the kids to the parade, and to the Festival of Trees afterward.  I really like seeing all the Christmas trees decorated by theme.  These trees can then be purchased by silent auction, if so desired.  The kids always like to visit the North Pole, where it is decorated so cute, each year.  Santa is also in the North Pole, but both the kids have grown past that stage of seeing Santa.  More pictures from the Children’s Festival here!

December 25th – Christmas

We got a Wii!

We had Scott’s mom and Pete over for Christmas morning.  We had our traditional Spanish breakfast with tamales, before opening presents.  The kids’ big present this year was the Wii.  They were so excited!  They got some games and accessories to go with it.

Scott enticed Mom to try out the Wii, and it was so funny!  They tried all the sports games and we just had a blast listening and watching them.  Scott and his mom are so competitive with each other!  Pete and I were laughing so hard!    More Christmas Pictures!

Scott and Mom playing on the Wii - check out how hard Pete is laughing!

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