SUU Farm Field Trip with Cole’s Class

Yesterday, I went along with Cole’s Kindergarten class on a field trip to SUU (Southern Utah University) Farm.

We were given a tour of the farm by Assistant Professor of Agriculture and Nutrition Science Lee Wood, the director of the equine studies program.   He also happens to be the husband of one of the Kindergarten teachers on the field trip.

Cole holding a baby lamb…this was his favorite part!

We were first shown the cows, then the horses, and then the baby lambs that were just born.  They were literally only 2-3 days old.  The kids loved the lambs the best, and Cole was thrilled to hold one of the babies.  One of the mare horses is pregnant and ready to foal any day.  We hope to be able to go back and see the foal when it’s born.   The kids were excited to go through the cow corrals, pet horses, and feed baby lambs.

To see all the pictures from SUU Farm, click here!!!

SUU students can ride the horses on the SUU Farm if they take a Horsemanship class offered at the University. Lee Wood teaches the class every Tuesday and Thursday.  I hope to take this class someday.

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