April 1-15th, 2009 – Hiking and Easter

04/11/09  Spring Creek Canyon Hike

The day before Easter, we went on a hike we’ve done before, but wanted to bring our nephew, Thomas on it.  We went to Spring Creek Canyon.  It’s not too far from us, and is just a nice short drive to get out of the city, and into nature.

Thomas climbing on the rocks

As we figured, Thomas loved climbing on all the rocks, just like our kids do.  We all had a fun time!

Trying to get a serious picture of all of them was impossible, so this is the best I’ve got!  Kids will be kids!   See more pictures from our hike!!

04/12/09  Easter

I swear the favorite part of Easter for our kids is the egg hunt.  Not the eating of candy, not the basket full of goodies…but looking for plastic eggs all over the yard.

Brittany finally found her Golden Egg

The golden egg for each kid is the hardest to find, since that holds the clue to where their basket may be hidden.  Brittany wasn’t too happy that it took her awhile to find her golden egg!

This year, we had Thomas with us, and while we thought he was a little old to go Easter egg hunting, we didn’t think he was too old to find his “basket.”   Scott and I had such good laughs, as we watched all 3 kids running around the house, checking in every nook and cranny, for their baskets.  If they find a basket that is not theirs, they can’t tell the others that they found it, so it makes it quite fun when they think they’ve found their basket, only to realize, it’s not theirs.

Thomas looking for his Easter Basket

It took Thomas a good 20 minutes to find his basket, and while I was rolling with laughter as he looked in the same place where it was hidden 3 times, and still couldn’t find it, he didn’t give up.   The reward of chocolate was just too great!   Click here for more Easter pictures!

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