Christmas 2008

We had a huge surprise for the kids for Christmas this year.   We even made them a DVD to share the news.  It took Scott and I a while to gather pictures, just the right music, and a proper countdown to the surprise.  The kids had no idea what was coming.

Christmas morning they opened presents like usual, and Brittany was thrilled with her cellphone gift for Christmas, while Cole loved his digital camera that he got.  But then they opened up the DVD that they had to watch.

Brittany watching the home-made DVD telling them they're going to Disneyland

Brittany watched, but didn’t seem to believe that we were really going to Disneyland for New Years.  Cole, who has never been, wasn’t even sure what Disneyland was!  Once Brittany told him, they were both very excited!!!  They couldn’t wait to pack!

Visiting with Cousins

On the 29th of December, we visited with Scott’s Uncle Chuck and Aunt Lorraine in Southern California.  We were so happy to be able to stay with them, and visit with family down there, that we don’t see too often.  Brittany and Cole just loved visiting with their cousins, Brianna and Cameron.

Scott, Dad, and Michael

After visiting Disneyland for a few days (more detail of that adventure in another post), we had Christmas with Scott’s dad.  We were able to visit with Dad, Katie, Scott’s brother, Michael and his wife.  We all had a good time, and it was a nice way to end our Southern California trip.

See pictures from Christmas morning here!

Visiting with Cousins can be seen here!

Christmas with Dad pictures!

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