New Pictures – Cedar Breaks with Mom & Pete

We just got back from another trip up to Cedar Breaks and Brian Head. We had a lot of fun even with the cold air and wind.

Mom and Pete had a great time!

Mom & Pete at Chessman Ridge Overlook #2
Mom & Pete at Sunset Peak #2

Tammy and I had a great time too!

Tammy and I at Sunset Peak in #3

Here’s an awesome pic of Tammy, Brittany, Cole, Jennifer, & I!!

From left to right. Cole, Tammy, Scott, Brittany, & Jennifer at Sunset Point. #2

There’s a total of 79 pictures in this album located here. Enjoy the scenery and family photos!

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  1. I seen this long slide on u.scotts myspace. god can u make the thing any longer. but it was a good job though. I officially give u props. well much love and peace.

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