Leigh Hill Reservoir – Opening Ceremony

Yesterday, the Leigh Hill Reservoir (name to be changed in the future) was going to open and start filling with water.  We decided to go to the opening ceremony of the Reservoir and Mom, Pete and Jennifer met us there.

Mayor Sherratt and City Council turning the handle to start the flow of water to fill the Leigh Hill Reservoir

Mayor Sherratt was there, and shared information about the reservoir.  Little did I know, that there was a reservoir in that same spot during the 1970’s, however it leaked, and was not able to hold water.  They have electronically tested this reservoir, and are confident this reservoir will hold water.

Leigh Hill Reservoir and beautiful Cedar Mountains in the background

The main purpose of the reservoir is for irrigation for the cemeteries, public schools and SUU.  They’re planning on stocking it with fish so it may be a hatchery as well.  There is a boat dock and a large area for a beach and a park.  There will also be a walking trail to go around the reservoir.  The aquatic center got voted through last week, so that will be on one side of the reservoir.  On another side will be soccer and baseball fields.  This is going to be an exciting and fun area of town.

Cole, Jennifer and Brittany at the Leigh Hill Reservoir Opening Ceremony

The kids are very thrilled to have this reservoir, and they were happy to go to this little ceremony to see it start getting filled with water.  It is going to take 35 days to fill this reservoir up.

Jennifer is to the far left, and Brittany is right next to her in this photo in the local paper.

We got an early phone call this morning from Scott’s mom that said that Jennifer and Brittany were in the picture in the paper!  Jennifer is to the far left, and Brittany is right next to her.  Brittany was so excited to be in the paper!  She said she’s famous!  🙂

To see all the pictures from the Leigh Hill Reservoir opening ceremony, click here!!

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