The Kids First Days of School

Author: Tammy

Well, the kids have started school, and so far, they are loving it!! Brittany started 4th grade, and Cole started Kindergarten. Both of them love their teacher, especially Brittany since her teacher hasn’t given any homework! Cole does have homework, and though, he’s a little resistant to the idea of having to do it, he is getting it done. Cole was very excited to ride the school bus for the first time, and I was able to get some pictures of him on the first morning!! Every day, Cole comes home with new songs he’s learned, or the daily report of who had to move their clip from the ‘good kid’ circle to the ‘you’ve got a warning’ circle.

See That Sheepish Smile? Watch Out, Teachers!!

I really thought I’d have a hard time getting Cole up in the morning for school, but he’s actually doing really well with it. We lay out his school clothes the night before, read a short story, or a chapter before bedtime, and he gets about 11 hours sleep. When he wakes up, he gets some breakfast, brushes his teeth, and gets dressed with very little prodding from me. He’s made a lot of new friends in class, and I think one of the best things we did was put him into AYSO Soccer. Half the kids from the team are in his class, so he is acclimating really well. I’ve signed up to be a parent helper in his class on Fridays starting in late September.

Brittany’s First Day of 4th Grade

Brittany is very excited about this year because they take a lot of field trips since the big geography lesson the whole year is about the state of Utah. I signed up in Brittany’s class to be a Field Trip helper, just for this reason!! Approximately the second day of school, she came home to tell me that her teacher was so mean! I asked why, and she said that her teacher throws candy at them when they answer a question correctly! 🙂 She’s having such a good time in class, and everyone has told me that this teacher is just so amazing and fun. She apparently believes that after school time is family time, so she really manages the time she has, to teach in the classroom. Most students who get their work done in class, don’t have homework. I’m just so glad that both kids have great teachers!

To see more pictures of the kids from their first day, click here!

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