The Weight Loss Continues – Slowly

Author: Scott 

Hi all,

This is an update from my last diet update on August 21st.

I can’t believe it has already been  13 days since my last post.

Either way, as of August 21st, I was 266.6 pounds according to my scale. I told Tammy the devil didn’t want me to lose weight.

I weighed myself this morning and I am officially 264.2 pounds now.

I am basically losing a pound a week which is about as healthy as you can go about losing weight. I wish it was going faster, but I know why it isn’t too.

The reason? I’ve been weight training 4 days a week, two times a day for about 20 minutes a session. My upper chest is gaining muscle, my arms are definitely showing  a difference, and I try to do 100-150 stomach crunches and some oblique training as well.

Whey protein has made an awesome difference to my weight training and muscle build. Before, it would take a month or two to show this much difference, this time, 3 weeks? Awesome.

So although I am not losing weight as fast as I would like, I am not discouraged because my shirts are fitting better, my shorts almost fall off my waist without a belt, and the energy levels continue to climb.

More energy -> more working out -> more playing sports -> more exercise -> more body transformation -> more energy (around and around).

After two weeks, I still do not want a soda or eat sugar. In fact, I went to the store and purchased the leanest, less sugary cereals I could find. I also am on a second and much larger bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar and we now have 2 large 5 pound tubs of Champion Why Protein, one is chocolate which Tammy loves (me, not so much) and one is cookies and cream which I absolutely LOVE and Tammy, not so much. Heh.

So what are the down sides? Well, I can say this, we are spending about $100 more a month on a healthier lifestyle. I totally understand why the poorest states in USA are the fattest, they can’t afford to be healthy!

We lean towards healthier foods but nothing that says “sugar free” or “reduced sugar.” We do not buy those because they are usually unnaturally sweetened with sucralose (branding: Splenda) or Aspartame which, if you did your research on those, is just as bad (or worse) for you. An example of this, take a look at sugar free or reduced sugar yogurt. That stuff is just as bad, in a different way. Instead of gaining fat when you body converts sugar, it gains other nasty symptoms such as your body not telling you it is full, cancers, degenerative illnesses, etc. Look up sucralose and aspartame online, your eyes will open wide…

Last night, we had an excellent dinner that Tammy prepared. Stuffed bell peppers stuffed with lean ground turkey instead of beef and it was awesome. Speaking of lean ground turkey, that stuff is a pretty good substitute for beef and almost tastes just as good in most prepared meals. But it is expensive!

We also will have turkey burgers now instead of beef burgers. With those, there is a huge difference because we no longer use as much salt seasonings and it tastes a little bland. But you know, without a little sacrifice, you get no reward.

It has been a lifestyle altering change. I’ve been a little frustrated on some days where I will gain a pound and the next day lose .5.  So I quit looking at the scale so much and over the weekly weigh-ins, there’s definitely good stuff happening and the mirror is the best scale of all, I see a difference there.

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